Experience the Egyptian Pyramid Adventure

Pyramid Quest for Immortality takes you back in time, to the Egyptian Era when dead Pharaohs were buried along with their riches and their mistresses. While the Egyptians believed that there was life after death, the world around exploited their customs by digging up the graves and stealing the treasures buried with their dead.

Set yourself on the adventure to loot all the treasures, get ready to chase the evils away and plunder as much as possible.

About Pyramid Quest for Immortality

It has an advanced layout with 5 reels set in unique row structures. The reels are in pyramid like structure and there are 720 different ways to win. Simply speaking, as long as you get similar symbols on adjacent reels you are set to win Pyramid Quest for Immortality. Remember, it considers a left to right formation for winning line.

The symbols include hieroglyphics which pays 7 times, golden snakes that are worth 8x, golden eagles that go 10x and beetles that can win you 15 times. At the highest level is the Pharaoh himself who gets 50 times and his mistresses who are buried with him pay up 25 times. There is also Horus and Anubis who guard the Pharoah’s tomb.

You can bet 0.1 coins at the minimum and 200 coins at the maximum.

Features of Pyramid Quest for Immortality

Lets speak of the most unique feature first. It is the Avalanche. It appears in the place of spin symbol and symbolizes dropping of symbols from top. When the symbols form a winning line, the line vanishes and a new avalanche starts. The new avalanche is free! The series of avalanches continue as long as the winning lines continue to form.

You have also go the avalanche multiplier which gets activated if 3 avalanches are won in a row. The multiplier value can be taken upto 10 times the bet value! That’s how you can reach 3600000 coins of winning!

Another unique feature is the wild generation one. It means that there is no standard wild. The symbols in 2, 3 and 4 reels can form a winning line and be qualified to be a wild in the free avalanche. The wild replaces any symbol to increase the probability of forming yet another winning line.


A welcome departure from the usual slots, Pyramid Quest for Immortality is full of adventure and thrills. Be ready to plunder the top prize of whopping 3600000 coins!

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