Retro Reels


This 5-reel, 25 payline, 400 coin slot game is equipped with the scattered symbol and two extra


, called free spins and re-spin in order to enable the player to win the winning string on one of the enabled paylines. Retro Reels can be a real money booster for the right player.

How to Play

Lines field sets the desired amount of paylines.
Up and down buttons set the desired size of the coins.
Coins sets the desired bet amount.

Max bet sets the bet amount to maximum automatically.
Spin spins the reels.

Win field shows the amount won for each string.
The winning string is highlighted.

The player can adjust the general and autoplay settings to his liking.
Statistics show the top three winning strings and how many spins the player has already played. This data is reset after the player exits the game.

There are two modes, regular and expert. The expert one is enhanced with 2 additional Features, autoplay and spin 5/10 that are used to form a sequence of games to be played automatically without interacting with the software for a number, i.e. 5/10, spins.



This symbol is a scattered one. If there are 2+ of them, then a winning string is formed and an additional feature, called free spins, is triggered.

Free Spins

This feature is triggered when there are 2+scattered symbols of the bonus. The player is then rewarded with 25 free spins at most, the number of which is directly linked to how many symbols were used in the string that activated this feature. For every bonus symbol, the player will receive 5 free spins.

While in this mode, the regular winnings are multiplied with the x2 multiplier.
The betting and payline rules from the triggering spin apply here as well.

This feature can be restarted while a player is using it, if there are 2+ symbols of the bonus. Additional free spins are combined with the ones that remained.


With the re-spin, a player can spin one of the reels again, while others are held. A player can do this at the end of the spin, but it will cost him a few extra credits; the amount is different from spin to spin. The amount is influenced by the size of the coins, so this feature won’t be activated when the player changes the size of the coins till he spins again.
This feature can be restarted several times.

A player gets paid only for the new strings that are formed thanks to the re-spin feature.
While in the free spin and autoplay mode, this feature cannot be triggered.

Game Rules

20 coins on each payline at most can be staked.

The player receives the winnings only from the highest paying string, except for the scattered winnings, which are combined with the regular winnings. Bonus winnings are also combined with the regular ones.

All symbols need to be on the payline, ordered in a line, and starting from the 1st reel, in order to be able to form the winning string. This does not apply to the scattered symbols.

Paytable displays the amount won for each string, whereas the entire sum that a player receives will be directly linked to how much he wagered on each payline.

The amount won in coins is multiplied with the amount staked for each payline in order to calculate the regular winnings.
The amount won from the scattered symbol string is multiplied with the amount placed as a regular bet in order to determine the scattered winnings.

Coins covert to credits using the formula: amount of coins x size of the coins = credits.
The games and pays will be cancelled, in case of malfunction.

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