The Scratch game Irish eyes, that can leave you starry eyed

Eyes are considered to be the window to your soul and that is probably what made the developers create the Scratch game Irish eyes. But in this game, the Irish eyes are not the window to anyone’s soul but the window to a ton of riches. Though the game does not have anything out of the ordinary to offer, it does give a good relaxing gameplay and help you while away some time.

Gameplay and specifications

The Scratch game Irish eyes is a game that is pretty simple to follow because it keeps with the conventional Scratch card rules. The game is a simple 3×3 game and follows the match to win principle. The game has a pretty good and well adjustable stake range from 20p to £ 200 which makes the game ideal no matter what kind of player you are.

The game has a really cool animation sequence running and is well presented. The background soundtrack is pretty calm and can get you in a really relaxed mood.

Game features and options

The Scratch game Irish eyes does not really have a bunch of special features that can make you love the game. Instead it sticks to the general rule of getting at least 3 matching symbols to get wins. The symbols all are weighted and you can get a maximum reward of 1000x your stake in this game.

The developer has added a number of options to enhance the gaming experience. You have an Autpplay option and a Reveal all option which can make things pretty easy. All you need to do is choose the number of time you want to play the game in a streak and click on autoplay and relax. The reveal all option is another great feature where instead of scratching through each card, you can find out what you’ve got at a click of a button.

The game also has a maxbet option where you can play for the maximum stake limit in the game at the click of a button.


The Scratch game Irish eyes is a great game that can be played for relaxing. Though the game does not have any flashy features, the 1000x jackpot is pretty decent. The game has an RTP of 85.6% which is slightly low for a gambling game that is supposed to be player friendly.

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