Play and Scratch The Codfather scratch game to win big

If you ever loved the Godfather movies and story line, then you will be thrilled to know that The Codfather scratch game is based on this theme but the characters are some fun looking fishes. When you start to Scratch The Codfather scratch game you will find that the game is pretty relaxed and yet exciting. While most scratch card games are just meant to be easy going and fun, the Codfather game is a combination of relaxation and fun.

Game specifications

The Codfather scratch game is a simple 3×3 matrix of scratch cards. You can play the game between 20p and £ 200 which makes the game ideal for high rollers and casual gamers. But the high rollers will benefit from the max bet button which lets you set the stakes at maximum before you Scratch The Codfather scratch cards.

The game also makes use of an autoplay option and a reveal all option which can be really helpful. The autoplay option lets you set the stakes at first and then play the game between 5 and 25 times in a streak. This way you can enjoy the actual game without having to bother much about the other aspects. The reveal all button can be handy if you are not the kind of person who loves to scratch every card and feel the suspense build up. By clicking this button you can simply scratch all the cards at a time and be done with it.

Game features

When you Scratch The Codfather cards you will be delighted to know that the game has more than just the rewards the paytable had to offer. If you do get a combination of 3 matching symbols or more you trigger the paytable wins. While the game has some really low rewards like 2x and 10x, the game also offers a 1000x jackpot in the base game.

But besides this the game also has a bonus game. This bonus game gives you 5 sure so scratches and all the wins you get will be doubled in this round.


The Codfather scratch game is a fun and equally rewarding scratch game. The game has an additional or bonus round and this can be a game changer. But since the RTP is somewhat low at just 85.6%, thread additional features are going to be hard to trigger.

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