Secret Santa


Secret Santa is a slot game with five reels, 500 coin slots and many additional Features, such as bonus games, achievement, and more.
With 243 pay-ways that are set for good, the goal of getting that winning string seems attainable for every player.
How much a player earns is directly linked to the type of symbols found in the winning string.

How to Play

The bet key is used for bet adjustments.

The arrows of coins size key are used for setting the desired size of the coins.

The arrows of the coin key are used to raise or reduce the bet amount.

The spin key is used to start the game and spin the reels.

A player can see how much he has earned from the winning string in the win field.
It also shows the highest amount won in the last five spins.

The winning string will be highlighted across the reels.

Game statistics allow a player to view his best three winnings, as well as the number of spins he has played.

A player can use an autoplay key to set a number of games for a certain number of spins.
These games will be played automatically, without making further adjustments.


The logo of Secret Santa
This symbol is used as wild, replacing all the others, but for the scattered one.
It is also used to form the winning string on its own, provide that several of them are lined up in a row on the payline.

If it is used to complete the string, it is not shown as the achievement.

It there are 2+ of these symbols scattered across the reels, then a winning string is formed.

It’s the only one that cannot be replaced.
Five of a kind
This bonus feature is triggered when 5 usual symbols are lined up in a row on the payline.
They should form the natural string, without wild symbols or scattered ones.

The triggering string brings the payment.
The symbols are then turned into new string, containing five other symbols lined up in a row across the payline, which brings the payment as well.

In case there are many 5-of-a-kind strings in one spin, the player receives the money only from the most valuable one.
This is also the only string that turns into another 5-of-a-kind feature.

In case there are several winning strings on one payline, the player receives the payout from all of them, in case different symbols are used to form them.
In case the same symbol is used for different winning strings, then the player is paid only the most valuable string.

Secret Santa
This bonus game is triggered randomly and a player is given a possibility to play one out of 7 games that are available.
Each of them brings either a free spin or a bonus feature.

The paylines and betting from the triggering spin apply here as well.

The games are: wild reel (where 3 reels at most can be turned into wild ones), scatter symbols (where every symbol is turned into a scattered one), wild boost( where symbols are turned into the extra wild one), mystery multiplier ( where the player wins a x10 multiplier at most), rolling reels (where the symbols explode and disappear, leaving the empty spaces that are filled out by the shifting symbols, which, if form the winning string, can bring the payout that is multiplied by x2.
The multiplier amount increases with every explosion and winning string formed.
A player can win the 12x multiplier, at most), dashing wilds ( the dashing wild symbol is the extra wild one which hovers over the other symbols and stops over a certain symbol in a random order just before the reels stop) and free spins (the player wins 5 free spins during which the regular winnings are tripled.
This game cannot be retriggered).

Thanks to this feature a player can keep the track on his winnings, as the winning symbol strings are highlighted.
When there are 3 winning strings formed with a certain symbol, the player gets notified about it and that symbol is highlighted across the paytable.

This feature is available while in the regular mode.

All the achievements are permanent, and they stay on the paytable for good.

This feature cannot be used in the bonus game called secret santa.

The feature does not apply to the winning strings that are formed using the multiplier wild symbol.

Game Rules

A player can bet only ten coins for each spin.

Achievement feature uses the paytable to show player’s winnings by highlighting the symbol strings that have won.

These highlighted achievements will be set permanently on the paytable, even if the player exits the game.

There are 243 pay-ways that are permanently set.

In case of technical difficulties, the games and payouts are cancelled.

Each coin that a player stakes is multiplied with a multiplier that is 50 coins worth.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked.
The amount of credits that a player gets is directly linked to the amount of coins he wins multiplied with the size of the coins that he selects.

If a player gets more than one winning string with different symbols on each pay-way, then he receives all of the winnings.
If the winnings are of the same symbol, then he receives the winning string that has the highest value.

If there are 2+ winning strings on different pay-ways, a player will be paid for every string.

All symbols pay left-right, but for the scattered ones that can pay in any direction.

The type of the scattered symbols of the winning string is multiplied with the entire staked bet in order to determine the scattered winning.

Scattered winnings are combined with regular ones.
If a player gets both scattered and regular winnings, then he is paid for both.

The entire amount of coins that is won is multiplied with the size of coins that a player has chosen in order to determine the amount of credits.

Coins are turned into credits using the following formula: Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.

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