Spin Magic


This 3-reel slot game is equipped with five paylines and two additional Features, a bonus game and a gamble.
The main goal of the Spin Magic is to spin the reels and get the winning string on one of the paylines.
The amount won is directly linked to the values of the symbols found in the winning string.

How to Play

The amount of paylines is chosen by using the change lines field.

Down and up keys are used to set the desired size of the coins.

The reels are spun using the spin field.

If the player gets a winning string, it will be highlighted across the reels and the amount will be shown in the win field.


Super Bonus Game
This feature is triggered when a player gets the winning that is at least 20 credits using the ten type bet.
A player gets a chance to earn the x8000 random multiplier at most, by spinning the wheel, provided that 2 wheels show up consecutively on 2 reels.
If there are 2 jokers, the player gets a prize, i.e. the multiplier, which is random.

(De)selecting the paylines is not possible.

The player uses the super credits, shown in the supermeter.
When all the credits are used from the supermeter box, the player goes back to the regular mode.

Only one bet amount is allowed, i.e. 20 credits.
If the player has less than this amount, he can either choose to go back to the regular mode or use the gambling feature.

Collecting winnings means getting back to the regular mode.

This feature is triggered when a player has at least one winning.
He can then continue to play it or skip it.
The aim of the game is to guess the right colour of the cards.
If the guess is correct, the winnings are doubled.
The player can decide if he wishes to gamble the whole amount or part of it, by pressing a set aside button, but if he chooses latter, 20 credits will be deducted from the winning amount.

Game Rules

The payouts are not in coins, but in credits.

The winning strings have to follow the left-right rule in order to bring the payouts.
The symbols need to be lined up in a row next to each other on one of the paylines.

How many credits a player wins depends on the multiplier that he gets, which is used to multiply the entire bet staked.
The paytable displays the staked amount that’s multiplied with the multiplier.

(De)selecting the paylines is not possible in super bonus game.

In case of malfunction, the payouts and plays are cancelled.

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