Starlight Kiss


Enhanced with a mixed-pay combo and two bonus games, free spins and set the mood, this 5-reel slot game has 30 paylines and 600 coin slots, which is more than enough to reel in some real money.
The goal of the Starlight Kiss is to get that lucky combo which will bring the payout.
The amount won is directly linked to the combo type that a player receives.

How to Play

Arrows next to the coins size field are used to set the size of the coins.

Bet max is used to set the bet amount to its limit.

Arrows next to the coins field are used to set the bet amount, which can also be modified using the bet field.

Arrows next to the lines field is used to set the amount of paylines.

Spin is used to spin the reels.

Win is used to display the amount won from the winning string that is highlighted across the reels.

Expert mode has two additional Features that regular one lacks: a) autoplay, to automatically set a row of games that a player can play consecutively and b) a possibility to spin the reels five or ten times in a row, without clicking the spin button.

A player can see the info regarding the current game, such as the top three winnings and the amount of spins played.
This information is reset after he exits the game.


Logo of the Starlight Kiss
This is a replacement for all the other symbols, but for the scattered one.
When there are several of them lined up in a row on a selected payline, the winning string is formed as well.

Bonus Kiss
This is a scattered symbol, as it can appear anywhere on the reels.
If there are 3+ of them, then they form a winning string.
If there are 3+ of them scattered on the second, third and forth reels, then they trigger an additional bonus game, called set the mood.
This is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the logo of the starlight kiss.

Scattered Mansion
This symbol is also a scattered one, as it can appear anywhere on the reels and still form the winning string, provided that there are at least two of them.
It also serves as a free spins activator, provided that there are 3+ of them scattered across the reels.

It cannot be replaced by the logo of the starlight kiss.

Mixed-pay combo
The symbol of a man and the symbol of the lady can serve as wild symbols in order to finish a mixed-pay combo.

Set the Mood
This bonus game is triggered when there are 3+ symbols of the bonus kiss scattered across the second, third and fourth reels.
A player then gets a chance to win the x10 multiplier at most, by uncovering the random bonus amounts hidden under ten objects, together with different number of hearts.
The player can select just three objects.
The hearts a player wins are combined together on the romance meter and are used to increase the random bonus amounts.

This feature can be triggered while in the free spin mode.

Free Spins
If there are 3+ scattered mansions, free spin mode is triggered, where a player is rewarded with 14 free spins, throughout which the regular winnings are doubled.

This feature can be restarted while a player is playing one of the free spins.
If there are three symbols of the scattered mansion, then this feature is restarted again.
Extra spins are added to the remained ones.

While a player is in this mode, an additional bonus game, called set the mood can be triggered, but this time the winnings are not doubled.

The betting and payline rules that apply to the triggering spin, apply here as well.

Game Rules

20 coins can be staked at most.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each payline.

Scattered winnings are obtained when the value of the scattered string type is multiplied with the entire amount placed as the regular bet.

The highest winning on every payline is paid, aside from the winnings that are considered scattered, which are also the only ones that don’t follow left-right rule, but can pay in any direction.

Scattered and bonus winnings are combined with the regular winnings.

How many credits a player gets is based on the amount of won coins that is multiplied with the selected size of the coins.
The formula behind this is: Coin Amount X used Coin size =Credits
Every payout table discloses the amount of coins which can be won for every possible combination made.
The total amount of coins that gets paid is based on the coin amount a player bets per selected payline(s).

If there are problems with the site, the games and payouts are cancelled.

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