Steam Punk Heroes


This 5-reel, 250-coin slot game is equipped with 25 paylines, a scattered symbol, a wild one which also serves as a multiplier and an additional bonus game called free spins.
All a player needs to do in Steam Punk Heroes is spin the reels and get the winning string which will result in the payout, that’s directly proportionate to the type of symbols the player gets in the winning string.

How to Play

Down and up buttons are used to choose the coin size.

Coins field is used to raise the bet amount.

Bet max is used to max out the bet amount.

Lines field is used to choose the amount of paylines.

Spin is used to start the game, i.e. spin the reels.

Win is used to display the amount won for each string.

The winning string is highlighted on the reels.

The expert mode is equipped with two additional Features that the regular one lacks:

1. The possibility to spin the reels five or ten times in one go (spinx5/10)
2. The possibility to set the series of games that will start automatically for a preset number of spins (autoplay).


This symbol serves as a wild one, replacing all others, but for the scattered one.
It is also used as a multiplier, as it doubles the winning string, when it is used as a replacement in the winning string.

It can also form a winning combo on its own, if there are several of them lined up in a row, on the selected payline.
This time it does not double the payout.

Logo of the Steam Punks Heroes
This symbol can appear anywhere on the reels.
It can be used to form a winning string, provided that there are at least two of them present in that string.
It can also serve as a free spin activator, as it unlocks this feature if there are 3+ of them across the reels.
This is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the wild symbol.

Free Spin
If there are 3+ scattered logos of the steam punk heroes across the reels, then this feature is activated and a player gets awarded with 10 free spins, during which he can earn both bonus amounts and additional free spins, by uncovering different objects.

The rules regarding the betting and paylines in this mode are the same as for the spin that triggered this feature.

While a player is playing the free spins, he can activate it again, provided that there are 3+ symbols of the logos of the steam punks heroes.
The additional free spins that he gets will be combined with the remained ones.

Game Rules

Ten coins on each payline is maximum that a player can bet.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.

Scattered winnings are determined through a multiplication of the type of the winning string with the entire bet amount.
They are, together with the bonus winnings, combined with the regular winnings.

The highest sum won per selected payline is the one that is taken into account, except for the scattered winnings.

The entire amount of coins that is won is multiplied with the size of coins that a player has chosen in order to determine the amount of credits, i.e.
Coin amount x size of the coins used in the game= credits.

The paytable shows the amount won per string.
The entire amount won is dependent on the amount staked for every payline.

In case of malfunction, games and payouts are cancelled.

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