The slot game showcased here is a five-reel one and comes with several extra features already onboard, all designed to increase the players’ potential gain. The said features Superman boasts are as follows: Superman Free mode, Bonus Bet and last but not the least – Superman Saves the World mode. The objective, as is custom for this brand of games, is to attain a symbol combination that will bring you one of the prizes. And this can be done through making use of lines, all of which are selectable. With the average return percentage at 95.40%, this game aims to please.  

How to Play

If you should make use of the – and + toggles that are readily available for interaction you’ll be able to alter the values associated with either the bet or the lines, or both. To make the matter of adjusting settings as painless as possible the game comes equipped with a max toggle that does exactly what it says. It sets the bet or lines to their maximal possible values for you. Another toggle is available for the player to use, labeled as Bonus Bet, with which you can gamble added ten coins so as to secure yourself a chance to unlock access to the bonus features discussed above. To lock in a desired number of lines you wish to play you can use the tag toggle, found next to the reels.
Spin – Issues a command that puts the reels into motion.
Info – Specifies game rules and shows what the winning combinations of symbols are.
The fields used to display various important details are as follows:
Balance – Shows how much you have on your balance.
Bet – Shows how much you’ve wagered for each line in play.
Lines – Shows how many lines are in play.
Win – Shows how much you’ve won through the spin, if anything.
Total Bet – The full sum at stake calculated through having the bet multiplied against the amount of lines in play.
All winnings and plays are cancelled in case of system malfunction.


Bonus Bet

The way in which to activate the said feature is to have 50 lines in play and to add to that a bet of 10 additional coins.
Only once this mode becomes triggered does the other feature – Superman Saves the World become available for playing.
With the Bonus Bet triggered, the game starts returning X50 awards, plus the sum bet on each line for scatter wins.
Superman free play
When the Superman symbol shows up on the second, third and fourth reel the player is awarded ten free games.
Throughout this mode additional Superman symbols may appear randomly on any of the reels.
Every winning made with using the said symbol(s) in the place of other symbols comes with a X5 modifier.
This game mode cannot be activated more than once.
The games you get to play, while this feature is activated, all use the values of the bet and lines of the activating game.
Any wins you may make here get added to scatter and payline earnings.
Superman saves the world mode
This particular feature gets turned on if the following conditions are met: Bonus Bet gets triggered and at least three Scattered Logos show up.
In order to get awards, Superman has to find a way to get around a shower of meteors and shatter a few missiles on the way.
After Superman finally reaches Earth, he has to pick one door out of three, all being lead-lined.
One of the doors opens to a kryptonite-saturated room and ends the game mode.
The other door opens to a hostage room and Superman has to rescue them in order to get an award.
The remaining door hides none other than Lex Luthor. Capturing him wins Superman a X100 modifier over the bet that activated the game mode.
This particular feature may not be unlocked during the Free Games mode.

Game Rules

Anywhere from one to fifty lines can be played.
The + and – toggles are used to alter the values of LINES.
The + and – toggles are used to alter the values of BET.
The SPIN toggle starts the game using the selected lines and bet.
The PAYTABLE displays any payouts.
Whatever bet that has been made on each line is used to multiply payline winnings.
Only the largest won sum per chosen payline is taken into accord.
Only when not playing under the Bonus Bet feature do the scatter earnings get multiplied against the full sum comprising the bet and get carried over onto existing payline wins.
Any payouts achieved throughout play in feature modes are carried over and added to payline and scatter winnings.
The pay is calculated going from left towards right for any winning symbol strings except in the case of Scattered Logo.
Scattered Logo is the only symbol Superman cannot substitute for.
If Superman shows up in a valid winning string, the associated award gets doubled.

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