Taboo Spell


This 5-reel, 750-coin slot game has one additional feature, called free spins that can help the player get the payout, which is directly linked to the type of the winning string he gets.
The main goal of the Taboo Spell is to get the winning combo on the one of the 25 selected paylines.

How to Play

Lines field is used to choose the amount of paylines.

Down and up buttons are used to choose the coin size.

Coins field is used to raise the bet amount.

Bet max is used to max out the bet amount.

Spin is used to start the game, i.e. spin the reels.

Win is used to display the amount won for each string.

The winning string is highlighted on the reels, so that it is noticeable.

The autoplay is used to set a sequence of games to be played in the normal mode automatically for a desired number of spins.

Game statistics display the data regarding the current game, i.e. the highest three winnings and the amount of spins played.
This data is reset after exiting the game.


Voodoo Doll
This is a wild symbol as it can be used to replace all other symbols, but for the scattered one, in order to form the winning string.

It can also be used to form the winning string on its own, provided there are several of them lined up in a row on the selected payline.

Logo of the Taboo Spell
This symbol is a scattered one as it can appear anywhere on the reels and bring the payout, provided there are at least two of them in the winning string.

It cannot be replaced by the voodoo doll.

Free Spins
This bonus game is triggered randomly and a player is rewarded with 6 free spins, during which the symbols of skull, tiki mask and crocodile are turned into the witch doctor symbol, the payouts of which are the same as for the regular winnings.

The bet and paylines applying to the spin that triggered this feature will apply to free spins as well.

Free spins feature can be re-triggered while the player is playing one of the free spins, thus allowing him to earn extra free spins, which are added to the remained ones.

Game Rules

30 coins at most can be staked per payline.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.

Scattered winnings are determined through a multiplication of the type of the winning string and the entire bet amount.
They are, together with the bonus winnings, combined with the regular winnings.

Scattered winnings are the only ones that don’t follow left-right rule, but can pay in any direction.

Coins covert to credits using the formula: amount of coins x size of the coins = credits.

The paytable shows the amount won per string.
The entire amount won is dependent on the amount staked for every payline.

In case of malfunction, games and payouts are cancelled.

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