Enhanced with the additional Features, i.e. free spins and gambling, this slot game has five reels, 9 paylines and 45 coin slots, which is more than enough for a player to achieve the winning string on one of the paylines.
The payout he receives in the Thunderstruck is directly linked to the type of the symbols he gets in the winning string.

How to Play

The line number field is used to choose the number of paylines a player wishes to play on.
This number can be increased using the select lines button.

The down and up buttons are used for adjusting the player’s bet.

The select coins button is used to adjust how many coins a player wishes to wager.

The bet max button is used to wager all the money available automatically.
The spin button is used to spin the reels.

The win field shows the amount a player has won.

If there is a win on the paylines a player has selected, it is highlighted at the reels.

Autoplay button automatically sets a row of games that a player can play consecutively without interacting with the software.


Free games
If there are at least three scattered symbols of rams across the reels, a player gets a chance to spin the reels 15 times for free, throughout which the prizes he receives will be tripled.

A player can restart this feature while he is playing the free games, thus earning extra free spins that are combined with the remained ones, provided there are 3+ symbols of the rams across the reels.

The rules, regarding the betting and paylines, while playing free spins are identical to the spin, which started this feature in the first place.

If a player receives a winning, then he can activate this feature.
He doesn’t have to use it if he doesn’t want to.
If the player’s winnings are higher than the gambling limits, then he cannot use this feature.

A player has to guess either the right colour, which will double his winnings, or the right suit, which will quadruple it, provided his guess is right.

A player can gamble five times in a row per each game or till the limit is reached.

If there are at least two of rams symbols at the reels, then a player has a winning string.

If there are 3+ of these symbols, then they activate the free spins feature.

This is a scattered symbol and as such, can pay in any direction.

It cannot be replaced by the symbol of thor.

This wild symbol is also a multiplier, i.e. it duplicates the winnings of the strings where it is used to replace another symbol.

It is used to replace all the symbols, but for the scattered one.

If there are several of these symbols on a selected payline, a winning string is created.
However, the payouts are not duplicated then.

Game Rules

A player can wager 5 coins on each payline maximum.

A player receives the highest payout of the payline, if there are several winning strings.
This rule does not apply for the scattered winnings.

Bonus and scattered winnings are combined with the regular winnings.

Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each payline.

Scattered winnings are obtained when the value of the scattered combo type is multiplied with the entire amount placed as the regular bet.

Credits that a player wins are directly linked to the entire amount of coins he has won multiplied to the size of the coins he has chosen.

Coins turn into credits by multiplying the amount of coins with their size, which the player has chosen.

All symbols have to appear on the 1st reel first on a selected payline, but for the scattered one.

In case of technical difficulties, everything is cancelled.

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