Tiger’s Eye Video Slot

Tiger’s Eye is one of the coolest video slot games the legendary company Microgaming has produced. You have probably played a lot of slot games and may not be easy to impress. Upon checking out this cool fun slot, you might be a bit surprised at how much differently you look at the world of slot gaming.

As the name hints, this is a jungle-themed slot game and the symbols and overall design draw imagery from the high-adventure pulps of decades past. Upon sitting in front of the screen, you will embark on a very real adventure. Your goal is to try and win that elusive 100,000 jackpot.

The game is comprised of five reels and 40 paylines. The extensive combination of reels and paylines vastly increases the number of potential outcomes on a spin. As a result, the payouts can be high so the 100,000 coin figure should not prove too surprising.

How do you play Tiger’s Eye video slot? Doing so is actually pretty easy.

As is the case with all video slot games, you are supposed to wager a set amount on the paylines. The more you wager per payline, the more you could potentially win. The greater the number of paylines you actually play, the more you are quantifying the chances of a significant payout. The maximum bet is $10, an amount that just might deliver big bucks. Of course, you can also wager much less if this would be closer to your comfort zone. Per line, you are able to bet a minimum of .01 to a max of .05. When added up on all 40 paylines, this delivers the max of $10.

Scores of special features in the slot expand the ability for getting a good payout. Pulling up the Tiger’s Eye logo on a spin, for example, means you are getting a wild card. The door ends up being opened to a host of different payout combinations and you just might garner a huge jackpot if the wild card falls in the right place.

Other features include the ability to get 10 free spins and, maybe, a ten-time multiplier once you hit a minimum of three Golden Idol Scatter wins. Take advantage of the “Gamble Game” and pick the color and/or suit of a hidden card. If it turns out you guessed correctly, then you could double or quadruple the payout.

Tiger’s Eye can be a lucrative game and it’s easy to play. Those are two major benefits to any video slot selection.

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