It’s Tornado time with Tornado: Farm Escape Touch

If you have ever loved slot games with a sudden surprise in the plot, then Tornado: Farm Escape Touch from NetEnt is a game worth going for. The game has a simple farmyard theme with everything from cattle to pigs and sheep in the farm going about their daily lives grazing around the field. But things can get pretty much out of hand thanks to the game’s features, but you will soon find out that only when things go out of hand that you will get some big wins in your hands!

Gameplay and Slot specifications

Though it may sound like Tornado: Farm Escape Touch has a lot going on and you need to do a lot more than spin the reels, this is far from true. The developers have done an excellent job in making this slot game visually superb and given a great deal of options to make your gaming experience a smooth one. Rest assured, all you need to do is spin to win!

This 5 reel and 20 paylines slot game is playable from 20p to £ 200 per spin and the game has a highly recurrent bunch of features that can give you the wins you are looking for. Don’t let the banjo soundtrack fool you, because when the storm comes, you are in for some major surprises and rewards.

Game Features

Tornado: Farm Escape Touch has two features that can spin the reels of luck in your favor. Called the Storm feature and the Tornado feature, though they do sound destructive, these two features will turn out to be your best friends in the game.

The storm feature is triggered when a cloud symbol appears in one of the outer reels Just like a storm passes over, this cloud passes over your reels making every slot it touches a wild slot. This not only gives you multiple wilds but also huge wins.

The tornado feature is triggered when a hot and cold symbol appears simultaneously on the two end reels of the play screen. This creates a current and a tornado appears on the reels and takes up the slot symbol on the center in a free spins round. The more number of active symbols you have, the more number of free spins you get during the tornado feature.


Tornado: Farm Escape Touch is a fun mobile slot game to play. With a £ 140,000 jackpot and a 96.5% RTP, the game offers quite a lot of perks for a simple casual and fun slot game. NetEnt has done a great job in presenting the game with superb visuals and a number of features that makes it a must play slot game.

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