Venetian Rose


The designers of the Venetian Rose made sure that a player got his money, with the possible return of 95.08% on average. The idea behind this slot game is to get a winning string on the lines that a player has selected. The money a player receives is directly linked to the money, i.e. coins, he uses for the play as well as on the type of combination that he gets. This slot game, with five reels and an additional feature, called free games, will surely boost your earnings.

How to Play

Game rules and access to the awards when a player wins the right sequence of symbols is presented in the field info.
The reels are spun using the spin button.
– and + keys are used to select how many lines a player wishes to use as well as the amount of the bet. If the player wishes to have maximum in these fields, then he can use a max button.
A sequence of games is automatically chosen to be played using the autoplay, which allows for up to five hundred consecutive games to be played in a normal mode.
The entire sum of the player is shown in the balance field.
The number of lines that a player has chosen is shown in the lines field.
The number of coins placed on the lines is shown in the bet field.
The amount that a player has won per round, i.e. spin, is shown in the win field.
The entire amount that a player has wagered is shown in the total bet field.
If there are any problems with the system, everything is cancelled.



This feature enables a player to gamble his winnings, except the jackpot winnings, by pressing the gamble button and then choosing the right colour, which doubles the winnings, or the right suit, which quadruples the player’s winnings. A player can use this feature for five times.

Free Games

If there are 3+ symbols of scattered mask, then a player can activate the feature that will enable him to play ten games at the line for free, throughout which the prizes he wins will be three times more valuable then in a normal setting. He can also start betting of the game that is considered triggering.
A player can restart this feature for several times.

Game Rules

Maximum for lines is 25.
A symbol of a scattered mask is the only one that can show up outside the lines that a player has selected as well as the only one that cannot be replaced by a symbol of a lady. It is also the only one that does not follow the left to right order, but pays in both directions.
Payouts are calculated, based on the paytable.
The amount from the scattered wins is combined with the amount on the payline wins.
The entire amount that a player stakes will be multiplied with the amount found on the scatter winnings.
The amount that is on each payline will be multiplied with the payline winnings.

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